Sport Nutrigenomics: Personalized Nutrition for Athletes

  • On-line
  • 3 marca 2020

Opis szkolenia

As the demand for genetic testing by coaches, sports professionals and athletes grows, there is an increased need for sport dietitians/nutritionists and other healthcare professionals (HCP) working with athletes to understand the current evidence in this growing field. To further enhance athletic performance, athletes are looking to sport science professionals to provide tailored dietary and training advice based on their unique genetic profile. As such, it is important for HCP to understand the research supporting nutrigenomics testing in athletics and the subsequent impact on sports nutrition and supplementation recommendations provided to athletes.

Program szkolenia

This session will provide attendees with an overview of the science and how variations in an athlete's DNA will impact nutrition recommendations. In addition, this session will bridge the translation of science to practice, to include an overview of how genetic testing is performed, what it measures, and how practitioners can effectively interpret the results of these tests. Dr. Guest will also share findings from her recent research on caffeine, genetics and endurance performance in athletes.

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3 marca 2020
Webinar, On-line, ul.
Czas trwania:
90-120 minut

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