Iron metabolism and supplementation for athletes

  • On-line
  • 3 marca 2020

Opis szkolenia

Iron is an essential micronutrient involved in oxidative metabolism and critical to exercise performance. Therefore, iron supplementation is commonly used to avoid exercise-induced perturbations of iron homeostasis and maintain the required iron stores that are necessary to address exercise needs or enhance physical performance. In this webinar, an attempt will be made, to clarify the effect of exercise on iron status in athletes.

Program szkolenia

• Importance of iron for athletes
• Avenues and mechanisms of iron loss
• Iron regulation and exercise
• Who is at risk and how should we approach the issue?
• Options for supplementation
• Summary

Informacje organizacyjne

3 marca 2020
Webinar, On-line, ul.
Czas trwania:
90-120 minut

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