Ultra-endurance sports nutrition: theory, practice and unanswered questions

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  • 15 kwietnia 2020

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Ultra-endurance sports present the athlete with significant physiological and psychological demands, and unique practical challenges not faced by other athletes. Sports nutritionists and dietitians working in this area face the difficulty of interpreting practice guidelines that are often extrapolated from shorter duration events and lab studies, as well as planning for the intake of foods and fluids not used in other sporting scenarios.

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This webinar will, with an emphasis on practical recommendations:
• Provide an overview of the physiological demands and nutritional requirements of ultra-endurance athletes.
• Provide a detailed description of the causes of, and evidence for strategies to prevent, gastrointestinal disturbances in ultra-endurance athletes.
• Describe fluid and electrolyte imbalances, the evidence and recommendations for fluid and electrolyte intake in ultra-endurance exercise.
• Describe the unique practical challenges faced by ultra-endurance athletes, including training and competing overnight and in changing environmental conditions, and the effect of flavour fatigue on food and fluid choices.
• Examine the trade-off between nutritional intake and load carriage in self-sufficient events (eg. Marathon des Sables).

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15 kwietnia 2020
Webinar, On-line, ul. Clickmeeting.com
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90 minut

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