PhD Nanci S. Guest

Dr. Guest is a registered dietitian (sport specialty), certified personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and she has been working in private practice in this field for two decades.

Her doctoral research focused on caffeine, genetics and athletic performance, at the University of Toronto, where she also received the 2019 Dr. Michael C. Archer Award for Research Excellence. She is currently completing a post-doctoral fellowship also at UofT with a similarly focused on genetic testing, health and performance research. She completed her BSc/MSc degrees in agriculture and dietetics, and nutritional sciences with a sport focus at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Guest has published her research in top journals and given dozens of invited talks around the world. She is a global consultant to professional & amateur athletes and teams and teaches college-level sport nutrition courses. She was the Head Dietitian at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and the Toronto 2015 Pan Am games and helped to prepare several athletes for the London, Sochi, Rio and PyeongChang Olympics.